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May 2008

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Ordo Equilibrio 4

Sons & Daughters Of Lilith And Cain

The mark of my father is carved in my flesh
A sign of damnation and heavenly incest
The children of pleasure delivered in pain
But crowned and defiled by the vile and insane

I am the daughter of Lilith and Cain
The whitest of devils the purest of grain
A serpent descendent from the brothels of hell
Conceived in the winter of lovers' farewell

Let instincts repeal any morals and codes
So angels and demons can play with my soul
Let's live and decline at the brink of delight
In search of completion and moral defiance

The lady of moonshine she lives in my veins
Where spirits of wisdom reside unconstrained
Please show me that pleasure is not what it seems
My life is my weapon I live un-conceived

The fires in heaven burn brightly for them
Who daggers embowel both time and again
The scars of my journey the signs that I bear
The sounding of trumpets proves that life isn't fair

The mark of my mother is carved in my flesh
A sign of salvation and heavenly conquest
The children of pleasure delivered in vain
We live and we die and we shall live again


Much Applause Your Lady

You got all the ancestors of my flesh tingling...

my flesh tingling...

This is a rude remark, save that for your wife.
It is not a rude remark. "Save it for my wife" I do believe that your mind and thoughts are somewhere other then where mine are Ian.

To edify my remark for you however Ian as I do believe Her Lady understands what I have said. Her pen has delighted my being in a way that every fiber of my self has sung out in praise vibrating every cell, molecule, and atom of the ancestors that make up the body that I reside within.
In any case, these are song lyrics by a Death Industrial band from Sweden called "Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio". Perhaps that is where you should direct your praises and "tingling".
Kick arse, I never heard of them before. I will have too check them out now. I appreciate you pointing me toward some new music. I like industrial. And I can still give praise to the poster of the lyrics, I would not have heard them otherwise. Nor would I now have had you tell me the band.... Do they have a site you know of that I can listen to them???
They have a myspace page.
Yes, I am enjoying them currently. Death Industrial... kind of sound Gothic Indie.... I like them.

Thanks Again...
"Gothic" maybe. But indie?! huh not really.

You want amazing music with genuine intelligent and meaningful lyrics then go check out the bands of Cold Meat Industry http://www.coldmeat.se/ That music is really from my 'world'. Some bands over there aweful in my opinion tho. So you just have to try until you find what suits you. It might sound VERY different from what you are used to. I don't know, I don't know you well.

Some of my personal favorites includes: Sephiroth (particularly Draconian Poetry) Desiderii Marginis, Raison D'être and Arcana.

Oh and if you wanna scare the hell out of the sheep of the masses then blow in their virgin ears music from bands like Brighter Death Now or Megaptera. mwahah :-P
I heard both bands on myspace, cool stuff. Alot of experimental sounds, love it. Some would be scared... but I am used to lyrics from Christian Death and such.. Lol... Remember the Christian Death album picture of Jesus on a Cross shooting up Heroin. Good sounds, I love hear New good music... It was hard to hear their words on myspace, myspace doesn't always have good connect. I went to cold meat. Cold Meat has been a supplier for along time.... I did find any where to muse over the sounds though. There used to be a online radio site called Gothic Radio.... Do you know of anywhere! Thanks for turning me on to some new sound.... I am still looking up the other bands you mentioned.

Talk Latter.

"Death Industrial"? That's odd considering that amazing songs of them like 'Daughers and Sons of Lilith and Cain' and mostly my fav song from them 'Invocation ov Prosperity, Pleasure, Progress And Love' doesn't sound much like industrial. It's very soft and have different sounds. However songs like 'hear the sound of black flame rising' do have industrial sounds... but still I have a hard time labeling Ordo Equilibrio as 'industrial'. Industrial to me is more like Wumpscut, Suicide Commando, Combichrist etc. But heh it's not that important.

I listen to a diverse mix. My undergroud influences have been your old school punk, gothic, like chritian death, bauhaus, even typo negative, then too the dead kenedys, suicidial tendencies the milkmen for fun, bad religon to get political, pennywise for fun, and various others same flock not to leave out the king iggy pop and your hard bands like kronus, dri, sepatura, iron maiden, metalica, ozzy, black flag, rollins, danzig, korn, zombie, god smack, etc. etc.... then i can go from Seal, enya and the celtic girls, deep forest and meditational from mozart too the cure, suzy & the banshees to experintals like Boyds ol stuff. I will even listen to some blue grass and old country when i am in the rare/very rare mood. I hate the radio and most generic mades make me wonder what artist is playing since they all sound alike. However, I have recently been hearring some new stuff that touches me and i enjoy, as the above mentioned and i will shortly go to the site you mentioned and see if I can find something that Muses me.... Talk soon, Peace too you each.

One Blood
One Life
One Love
Some call them that. I think a better term would be "Dark-folk" or "Neo-Folk"...They remind a little of Death in June.
I am going to check out Death in June now!