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May. 22nd, 2008

Diary of Dreams - Butterfly:Dance!

Diary Of Dreams - The Curse

Another great band.

The Frozen Autumn - This Time

The Frozen Autumn - Dusk is like a dagger

One of my favorite band. One of my favorite song.
I wanted to post "Onyria" as well, but they don't have it.

May. 19th, 2008

Tristania- Angina


Through scornful declarence and lumnious eyes
the shadows enveil with the glorious night
Trespassing the sunset like thou hast before
Entreating the daylight to rage nevermore
Angina striking Elysium
A frail remembrance glorificates the nightside-ascendance
veiled underneath thy funereal skies
The winds they may haunt me in bloodredest skies
The moon may bewed the strangest of light
The clasp of indifference the conquering tide
The sweeping of daylight... my vigour's decline
Thy Carrion Kind
Angina strikes Elysium... a frail remembrance
Carrion Kind
My Carrion Kind

Mar. 6th, 2008

Ordo Equilibrio 4

Sons & Daughters Of Lilith And Cain

The mark of my father is carved in my flesh
A sign of damnation and heavenly incest
The children of pleasure delivered in pain
But crowned and defiled by the vile and insane

I am the daughter of Lilith and Cain
The whitest of devils the purest of grain
A serpent descendent from the brothels of hell
Conceived in the winter of lovers' farewell

Let instincts repeal any morals and codes
So angels and demons can play with my soul
Let's live and decline at the brink of delight
In search of completion and moral defiance

The lady of moonshine she lives in my veins
Where spirits of wisdom reside unconstrained
Please show me that pleasure is not what it seems
My life is my weapon I live un-conceived

The fires in heaven burn brightly for them
Who daggers embowel both time and again
The scars of my journey the signs that I bear
The sounding of trumpets proves that life isn't fair

The mark of my mother is carved in my flesh
A sign of salvation and heavenly conquest
The children of pleasure delivered in vain
We live and we die and we shall live again

Ordo Equilibrio 3

Walpurgisnacht in the grotto. dancing with lilith

She is older, than the soil on which we walk
She is told, to decline but still prevails
She is beauty, as the wolves that howl at dark

She is sun and moon, in perfect harmony
She is heathen virtue, and all that which is true
I love myself, and you're in love with you

She is white as pure, while the fallen snow is black
She is drunken love, the tempting elixir
She is love for us, and those who truly see

She is order, and the balance after strife
She's betrothed, the bride ov perfect light
She is stillness just as well, as burning might
She is ritual, and peace in stalwart night
She is howling, for the right of lively pride
She is excellence, and goddess of the light

She is beauty, as the wolves that howl at dawn
She is glory, in this place of sterling yearn
Where the truth prevails, and thirteen candles burn

She is blossom, and the bloom for who he bleeds
She is like the stars, so luminous and bright
She is like the night, a veil of raven light

She is beauty, as the wolves we grey and proud
She's the axis, from which the world resides
She's indulgence, and righteous human pride
She is siege and battle, the endless destiny
She is swords, gentle touch of victory
I love myself, and you're in love with me

She is liberty, and insight in completion
She is splendour, and the force of heresy
She is love, we are wolves of the elite

Ordo Equilibrio 2

Phosphorous Ascending/Anthem Of Venus

Within the rise of unconstraint,
unveils the force of love and hate
Inside the reign of eyes and teeth,
resides the rule of war and peace
Beneath the rising of refrain,
proceeds the ceasing of abstain
Enclosed in truth adverse to lies,
nflames the tainted soul of life
Within the force of spurning needs,
resides cognition so complete
Reduce the lies that scourge the earth,
and cause the rising of rebirth

By way of light that breaches dark,
ascends the morning of the stars
Within the wretched soul of man,
subjects purgation of demand
By way of discontent I see,
beyond confinement and decease
By means of falsified untruth,
I plunge a spear inside of truth
I hold a sword within my hand,
engraved of Phosphorous extant
Reduce the lies that scourge the earth,
and cause the rising of rebirth

Ordo Equilibrio

Watching Lucifer Wander (Through The Sweet Dew Of Morning)

So what is so wrongabout lust?
Isn't it just natural to acknowledge excitement,
accept your instincts,
and truly rejoice in the pleasures of your body and mind?

So what is so wrong about pride?
Isn't it just natural to put oneself above the capability of others,
and truly cherish ones own accomplishments,
rather than those of the average and ignorant?

'I stand in the rising of a new dawn,
watching Lucifer wander through the sweet dew of morning'

So what is so wrong about envy?
Isn't it just natural to sometimes feel envious,
when realizing that someone else,
is of greater possession?

So what is so wrong about greed?
Isn't it just natural to seek for further wealth and comfort,
rather than to satisfy the yearnings of acquisition,
with the portions already provided?

So what is so wrong about gluttony?
Am I not justified and proficient enough,
to excessively indulge in my individual pleasures,
and decide for myself that which is best for me and my being?

So what is so wrong about wrath?
Am I not entitled to wish for the harm and smite of others,
especially to those,
whom are unjust and spiteful to me?

So what is so wrong about sloth?
Am I not capable enough to decide for myself,
when it is time to work, time to play and time to sleep,
as long as I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions?

I give praise to the seven deadly sins
And I rather rule in hell,
than serve in heaven

Dec. 20th, 2007


One of the Penalties for refusing to participate in Politics is that you end up being
governed by your inferiors.

- Plato

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